Monday, November 15, 2010

About Stephanie


Stephanie is a Communication Arts senior at Gordon College from Fairfield, CT. She has a love of travel and spent the spring semester of 2010 in the Middle East. After graduating in May 2011, she hopes to live abroad and ideally work in the field of media.   

Stephanie's Artist Statement:

This project is a combination of my passion for media and my heart for human trafficking. Non-profits are primarily founded by activists and lawyers who forget about the importance of developing a successful media department. My goal is to analyze three different mediums (viral marketing, documentary film, and website) utilized by small non-profits particularly in the human trafficking world. I will look at what makes them "good" or successful and why, through writing three short critique papers. Then, a presentation will summarize these and tie them together looking at the question of "So what?" and what can we take from this into other areas of  communication.